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5 Strategies to Get Better in Bed: Sleep with Other Men for Practice

“Babe, you have to understand, I slept with her for you!”

Too often do girls hear these words from their faithful, loving, handsome boyfriends. It’s time to self reflect and ask ourselves what we, as submissive and breedable women, can do to make a man’s life easier. If he’s willing to sleep with other women to make your sex life more enjoyable, you should be willing to drop to your knees and do everything you can to help too. For the sake of modern gender equality, it must be 50/50! You may be wondering, “well, where do I start, and do I ever finish?” The Fluke has answers to the first part of the question, and to the second, well, it comes and goes—but probably not.

  1. Return the favor: Sleep with his best friend because who else knows your boyfriend best! You can figure out all his little kinks this way.

  2. Family Love: Sleep with his dad—like father like son! Make sure it's ok with his mom first though. Or don’t. Remember, this helps out his mom in the long run too!

  3. Gym Bro: Feed him preworkout and lots of caffeine right before you have sex—it definitely won’t give him erectile dysfunction.

  4. God’s Plan: Go to the divinity school and ask all the faculty what their favorite positions are. You should get a fair amount of slaps if you’re into that.

  5. Bonus: Ask him what he likes. This probably won’t work though, conversations are hard! Stay flaccid and don’t use protection, folks.



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