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ATO throws party, everyone feels safe, has fun

DURHAM, NC—Duke’s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity threw a party this weekend, and it was everything we’ve come to expect from one of their parties: a comfortable, supportive environment where everyone felt respected.

We caught up with Sarah Horowitz T’ 24, who attended the party: “I had a wonderful time. All the men were so thoughtful, and so in control of their animalistic urges,” Horowitz said.

Asked to elaborate, Horowitz said, “I talked to one gentleman who asked, ‘would it be all right if I said something disrespectful?’ to which I replied, ‘That sounds lovely, but no thank you.’ Then I changed the subject, at which point he thought of another disrespectful thing to say and asked if he could say it this time. This interaction occurred 12 times during our five-minute conversation, after which he was sweating profusely and gritting his teeth. I politely excused myself when veins began to pop out of his forehead.”

This situation might sound volatile, but the responsible fraternity chapter was ready to neutralize a sexually-frustrated brother. “Two other members rushed over with cold towels and started wiping down this gentleman all over his body. Within seconds, he was back to normal and making silly grunting noises with his two friends.”

Horowitz said the party was a considerate affair from start to finish. “I’d had a little too much to drink by the end of the night, so one of the brothers asked if he could walk me home. He held open the door to my dorm for me, and then he asked if I wanted him to enter. But I knew that ATO brothers can’t come in unless you invite them in, so I said ‘no, thank you, I’d like to fall asleep now.’ The gentlemen bowed to me and bade me a good night’s rest.”

Classic ATO!

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