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Biden dismisses Uighur concentration camps: "Genocide is just part of China's culture"

MILWAUKEE, WI—In last night’s CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper, Joe Biden responded to concerns about China’s recent extreme violation of human rights: the Uighur genocide. In his response, he attributed the horrific concentration camps and crimes against humanity to ‘cultural differences’ between the United States (good country, kind people, supportive of minorities) and China (bad country, evil, oppresses minorities).

“China is a sad, sick, violent country. That’s just how they are, and we ought to respect it!” Biden commented. “I’ve been told they don’t have functioning brains, technically. Over there, they don’t know how to distinguish between good and bad—that’s true, I’ve been to China! We shouldn’t criticize those poor misguided Orientals, they’re doing their best.”

“Obviously we’re going to go in and punish them,” he continued. “We need to save those Uighurs, that’s what America is for—to be the world’s protectors! That’s the difference in our cultures, you see. That we have a sense of morality and they don’t.”

More information to come. In the meantime, tune into Biden’s speech on addressing the forced hysterectomies in ICE border camps.

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