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Bill Belichick Accidentally Texts Mark From AdPhi: "Great Game Last Night Against UNC!"

FOXBOROUGH, MA—Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is refusing to publicly apologize after accidentally texting Mark from AdPhi “Great Game Last night against UNC!”

Mark responded to this text, saying “our club water polo game against UNC isn’t until Thursday. Are you sure you have the right Mark? Did you mean to text Williams?”

“Oopsie, I screwed this up,” said Belichick, who was too busy stealing game tape from other teams to realize his mistake before it was too late.

The exchange, which was received through an anonymous source who was NOT Mark from AdPhi, shows Belichick once again mixing up two contacts with the same first name. You’d figure that a six-time Super Bowl winning head coach could manage to text the right person, but alas, he could not.

When asked about his mistake, Belichick did not respond, but rather grunted and frowned as he cut his Duke sweatshirt into a muscle tee. While Belichick’s future as a coach is stable, Mark’s water-polo performance against UNC is still up in the air.

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