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Blue Tenter Says Poll Line “Too Long”

DURHAM, NC––Following midterm elections on November 8th, reports have surfaced of Duke students complaining about the length of the line at polling stations. The poll lines, which varied in length from five to twenty minutes, were considered “egregious” to the students who were busy preparing for the multi-month tenting process in the spring.

“I literally did not have time to wait, with school and everything,” said Lauren Boucher (Trinity ‘24). “I know voting is important and everything, but honestly this is such a waste of time.” Later reports revealed that Boucher was in the sixth tent at the 2022 Men’s Basketball Game against UNC.

Ben Byerstein, president of Duke Votes, responded to such quotes, citing overwhelmed and understaffed polling stations. “We hear the concerns of the Duke community. In the future, we will create a scavenger hunt to enter a two-month tenting in an effort to engage more student voters,” said Byerstein.



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