BREAKING: India (probably) on strike (I think), right?

NEW DELHI—Oh boy, India is in a pretty big situation. Roughly 250 million Indians are really upset about something and taking to the streets to...uh...protest it? All the farmers seem super mad, so the situation is probably really serious I would guess. To be honest, I have no idea why they organized the biggest strike in human history, but it sure does sound like quite the pickle! I tried Googling “Why India so mad?”, but nothing really came up, so as a mainstream American journalist, I’m a bit out of luck.

I tried asking one of my Indian co-workers, Rohan (really cool dude), about it, but turns out, he’s actually a Packistanian. Whatever that means.

Afterwards, I went the extra mile by going to the SECOND page of Google, and there I found an article talking about how some farmer dudes were pressed about the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, passing pro-corporate laws that would lead to mass privatization, hurting those farmer guys (I think?).

Apparently, ten huge labor unions, political opposition parties, university students, farmers, and other worker dudes united together to strike and protest against Modi’s new agricultural laws. Entire industries were halted, or at least heavily disrupted, during the mass strikes that spanned nearly every Indian state. It seems like all of India was pretty much shut down because of the workers being angry at the state. Sounds intense! Yikes!

It makes me wonder why the major news agencies aren’t picking up this story...? It’s almost as if they don’t want to tell this story, but the reason why is way above my pay-grade—billions of dollars above my pay-grade! But, I’m sure Jeff has his reasons why he wouldn't want the people to know about the power of what can happen when workers are united instead of divided...right?

Sorry, that was a stupid question, I’m sure Jeff has the interests of American workers close to his wallet heart!