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Duke marks “return to normalcy” with first racist incident since quarantine

DURHAM, NC—After the defacement of a mural at Duke’s LSRC building with racist graffiti, administrators rejoiced and were quick to mark the University’s long-awaited “return to normalcy” since sending students home. With students off-campus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Duke administrators have feared that students would miss out on the traditional undergraduate experience of racial tensions and feeling unsafe at the campus they regularly interact with. The defacement of a mural created by a Chinese artist with the words “Fuck Rona” offered a great opportunity for the University to once again experience some type of regularity. “Receiving this news online as opposed to in-person will never be the same experience for our students” explained VP of Student Life Mary Pat McMahon, “but we’re grateful that incidents like this make us feel like we never left.” She added that “in such a time of change, it’s nice to think this display of anti-Asian racism could bring members of our community together in feeling deeply unsafe at their University again”. What’s next for Duke? Administrators hope they can resume ignoring gender violence complaints in order to “get back to the typical Duke experience” as soon as possible.

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