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Duke now regretting bulldozing Central Campus due to lack of COVID isolation space

NO LOCATION DUE TO COVID HOTELS BEING FULL— Duke officials have voiced their regret in the 2019 decision to bulldoze beloved Central Campus. Central Campus was once home to fraternities, sororities, and SLGs—the selective groups Duke hoped to push away from the public eye. Now, Duke is finding itself in a similar position in the fall of 2021, wishing those asbestos-filled apartments could be home to Duke’s current undesirables: COVID positive students.

Central Campus is now but a faint memory to the Duke undergraduate body, with the majority of students never seeing the beloved community. However, as the Board of Trustees and members of Duke admin are scrambling for more COVID housing, they are sorely missing the property.

“Looking back on it, it would have been really smart to keep Central Campus”, voiced Deb LoBiondó, Interim Dean for Residence Life. “We used to put Greek life and many of our Black students there, away from the beauty of the main quad. Now that we’ve begun phasing out Greek life and well, the Black students are never going away, we need those central campus apartments to hide our mistakes, I mean, COVID positive students.”

Duke administration is aware they cannot go back in time, so they have begun converting on-campus spaces to house COVID positive students, including the Gothic Reading Room, the floor above Pitchforks, and Peaches and Mamabean’s cat houses.



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