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“I found my people,” explains girl who changed her entire personality to fit in over zoom

DURHAM, NC—For Lauren Ziebler (Trinity ‘24), Bid Day provided a new home. “Even though I’d already met half of the sisters at Devine’s (and the uglier half at brunches all of last year) it still felt so new. I mean, most of the pledge class is my friend group–not Kaylee, though, because she got blacklisted after falling off the U-Haul at the KA darty–but I don’t really know the other girls. I think they’re going to be the B team, but they’re really sweet.”

Upon learning the “other half” of the pledge class had plans to go to Shooters next Monday, Ziebler explained: “Actually, we don’t do the whole A team and B team thing anymore. It’s totally fucked up. We’re not like that anymore.”

Although rush was virtual this year–“for the girls who didn’t make the top ones,” adds Ziebler– many felt this format actually discouraged classism and other complaints with the rush process. “I mean, of course they look to see if you are rich enough to have a ring light, but there’s options for other people. If you’re hot enough to look good without lighting and a new $500 blouse, you’ll be fine. APhi increased their brunette quota this year, and Pi Phi decided to stop openly discriminating on a racial basis,” explains Ziebler. “Greek life is so important to maintaining our school’s hierarchy, so I’m glad we were able to stop the prejudice and only judge people based on how we think the frats will judge us.”

All in all, rush was successful for people like Ziebler. “I totally found my people” she notes. “Of course I was strategic by decorating my room with pictures from helicopter rides and hundred dollar bills, and obviously I took some molly and half an Adderall before, but that’s only so my true personality would shine through. 9 AM is such an early call time, especially if you were clubbing with your future sisters the night before.”

“What can I say? I just love everyone so much,” Ziebler smiled as she unblocked 8 girls from her pledge class.



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