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PASH hosts session to pleasure you like your man never could

CLASSROOM BUILDING, EAST CAMPUS–Last Tuesday, PASH hosted a successful session to pleasure you like your man never could.

In an attempt to raise discussion about healthy sexuality at Duke, the Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health group brought attendees to orgasm in ways that their boyfriends are simply incapable of. Senior Molly Stein, Vice President of the group, says that she felt the event was a great way to “show Duke students an erotic pleasure unlike anything they have known before, and could never know from a pathetic hook up.”

Noah Kim, a sophomore from Jupiter, Florida, said that the meeting was “productive and informative,” and by the end he realized that “no guy could indulge my body in unexplored dimensions of sexual satisfaction like PASH just did.”

At the end of the event, the group distributed condoms to prevent unsafe sex, and handed out flyers with information about future sessions to prevent against bad sex.

PASH encourages any other interested students to stop by and come at their next meeting.



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