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Pokemon Club most diverse on campus, has 807 different types

DURHAM, NC–In the war against tokenism, there is no braver soldier than Pikachu.

The Duke Pokemon Club has proudly announced that they’ve achieved the milestone of becoming the most diverse group on campus after collecting 807 different types.

“Most clubs on campus are pretty homogenous, filled with the same type of people” explained Peter “Pikachu” Pratt, Duke Pokemon Club president. “After months of tabling and recruitment work, we’ve caught every type of Pokemon.”

“Like other clubs, we struggled with inclusion at first,” he continued. “The guy who founded the club had done nothing but breed Mankeys together and hatch their little Mankey eggs for his entire 2-year presidential term. It took a while to break the club out of that mindset.”

“It must have been weird for our first few Clefairy and Rattata, being surrounded by droves of Mankeys all the time. It didn’t help much that the traditionalists were busy yelling new slurs at them at every meeting,” Peter continued. “Chingling took the piss for weeks, poor guy.”

The key to Duke Pokemon Club’s ultimate success? Peter calls it his Pikachu Perseverance.

“Peter used Pikachu Perseverance! Haha. No, but seriously. It’s been beautiful to see what’s happened to the club since the dissenters left,” Peter said. “We started advertising in minority spaces on campus, attracting new members, growing by word-of-mouth. And we’ve got 807 different types to show for it.”

“Also, we would love to see a woman in the club someday,” Peter added.



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