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Pro-Trump Zoombombers hijack Duke Students for Biden event to praise students for civic engagement

DURHAM,NC -- Last week, the student hosted Biden Zoom rally was interrupted by a group of pro-Trump zoombombers, who hijacked the event to praise the attending students for being civically engaged.

According to one of the attendees, the zoombombers spammed the chat with “THANK YOU FOR TAKING AN ACTIVE ROLE IN OUR DEMOCRACY. IT’S STUDENTS LIKE YOU THAT GIVE US HOPE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.”

According to Junior Christopher Evansrod, the head organizer of the event, “We had to handle the situation as quickly as possible. I immediately responded in the chat ‘Thank you for your support. Even though we have differing political views, I’m glad we find commonalities in our roles as engaged citizens!’ That helped douse the flames a little, but it wasn’t enough.”The situation escalated when they started targeting people of color. According to Evansrod and other attendees, the zoombombers continuously referred to black people as “undervalued members of our society who don’t deserve to be mistreated based on the color of their skin”.

After a few minutes of level-headed debate, gave a farewell “Vote for Trump! Unless you believe Democratic Candidate Joe Biden will make better decisions for the welfare of our nation!”

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