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Sad: Despite multiple Girlboss in STEM clubs, girl still failing math class she’s already taken

EDENS 2C—Despite Duke’s best efforts to support women in STEM with the creation of 39 new Girlboss in STEM clubs, freshman Marisa Hoffman is still not passing Math 111L.

When we reached out to several of these organizations for comment, most replied simply by saying their website was under construction. Jenny Tran, a sophomore exec on Duke Women in STEM (not to be confused with the Girls in STEM or Duke Women in STEAM clubs) commented: “We want to support girls in Stem through our unique outreach program. How? By reaching out to girls in STEM. We believe outreach and education is very important for girls. It’s hard to be a woman in STEM. That’s why our club, made by women in STEM for women in STEM, is reaching out.”

Abigail Li, president of Duke’s new student organization for empowering women in STEM, comments: “We honestly don’t know why she’s not passing. We have so many unique outreach programs to support women in STEM such as our women in STEM clubs and the opportunity for women in STEM to create their own girlboss women in STEM clubs where they can support fellow girlbosses. Did you just say pyramid scheme? Wait stop recordi-”

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