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Sazón introduces new lottery system in attempt to limit diners and curb crowds

WEST UNION— Duke’s study-abroad caps received such widespread support that Sazón has introduced a similar lottery system to limit its crowd of diners. Students craving a plate of overpriced, under-seasoned Mexican food will now face a rigorous application process in hopes of becoming a “Chozón one.”

In order to be eligible for a plate of food each day, diners must submit a ten-line original poem declaring their love for lukewarm rice bowls. Students who wish to receive an additional entry can provide a link to the secret recipe for Chipotle’s cilantro rice or measuring scoops that serve smaller portions of protein. 

If workers decide that a poem captures “the spirit of Sazón,” its author will advance onto the next round of competition: a waiting-line obstacle course. Complete with backtracks, confusing turns, and inconvenient placement in the middle of WU, the course will mimic the traditional Sazón experience and prove each student’s commitment to the cuisine.

From the top two hundred finishers in the race, Sazón will then randomly select fifty students to receive a meal. These lucky winners will be notified of their victory via the Duke Dining app and must report to the counter within ten minutes of receiving the message. Announcements will be sent in the early morning or mid-afternoon to subtract from the crowd in WU during peak hours.

Should any student fail to pick up their bowl, it will be left on a separate table for the hungry and unlucky masses to fight over.



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