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Slay! This female serial killer murders small children and big stereotypes

LAS VEGAS, NV—A new serial killer in the Las Vegas area is drawing heavy media attention. Lacey Gray, 34, has allegedly murdered 16 young children between the ages of four and ten. Gray is one of the few child murderers seen in the last decade, but she’s also remarkable in another way, as she dismantles the male serial killer stereotype.

Local true crime enthusiasts Becca Allen and Jennifer Summers say the murders represent a turning point in the true crime community. “So often, women are on the other side of these stories. Now, we’re the ones taking ownership of the narrative—women are controlling the story by creating the story in the first place. Also, can you imagine how good of a podcast this would make? I’m already dreaming of listening to it while walking the dog,” said Allen, who has by all accounts never faced a day of hardship in her life.

Summers says she hopes Gray will inspire women. “We’re always being told that women are underrepresented in so many fields, but how many actually take the concrete steps towards fixing that? I hope Lacey knows what a trailblazer she’s being, and if she’s reading this, Lacey, I’d love to have you on my YouTube Live show this Saturday! Just let me know, girl!”

The Fluke reached out to Gray via email, asking for her motivations and whether or not she was ready to take on the challenge of being “a feminist role model.”

Gray replied promptly, writing, “FLESH. YOUNG FLESH.”

Gray joins a growing list of morally dubious women known as “girlbosses.” Other notable examples include Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

When asked to comment on Gray and the girlboss list, The National Organization for Women stated, “What the fuck? No.”



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