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Trump apologizes for divisive rhetoric, inciting riot at CPAC

ORLANDO, FL.—In his first public appearance since departing the White House, former President Donald Trump took to the stage last night at the annual CPAC conference. As per usual, Mr. Trump was not shy to speak his mind.

“Look, everybody knows it,” Mr. Trump related to the audience, “I haven’t been a proper role model these last few years. I’m sorry for the way my words have divided the nation, impeded progress, and inspired hate groups around the country. I hope we can all come together and unite during these difficult times."

Mr. Trump finished his speech on a positive note, expressing his excitement “for our great party to work across the aisle with Joe Biden and both Democratic majorities to solve the pressing issues of our time, like the coronavirus pandemic, our crumbling infrastructure, and the decline of rural America. And I will stop at to help in any way I can.” The audience stood and cheered.

This reporter sees nothing but clear skies ahead.

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