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Who is this? Asks mom every time you show her a TikTok

DURHAM, NC—An innocent child wants to share a meme with her mother. Little does she know which fatal question is to come. This is the perennial problem. Some would say climate change is important, others say economic inequality, but there is one issue unparalleled in its dominance and prevalence: moms asking who is that? after you show them a video, usually followed by them squinting and holding the phone farther away. Whether you show her your “niche” meme of beans in a croc or a TikTok of Charli D’Amelio, every time, without a doubt, you’ll get hit with a “honey, who is that?”

We don’t know, mom. That’s not the point of the video. The point is that a honey badger just doesn’t care, or that kid falls off a bicycle. You’re killing the joke by trying to get me to explain who that is.

Imagine if we did the same. Imagine if, for every Facebook post they shared about the sin of abortion, we asked “who is that?” about the picture of the fetus. Imagine if every time they sent a minion meme, we squinted our eyes and held the phone far away.

I say we unite together and “who’s this?” into a revolution! Only then can we save our precious meme humor from the treachery of explanation.

Show your mom this article, and when she asks, who wrote this?



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