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Whoa: This bathroom has another bathroom inside it

DURHAM, NC—Duke students are in a tizzy after a freshman discovered that the classroom building’s third-floor bathroom contains another bathroom.

“At first I thought it was just a big stall,” said Durango Jenson (T ’23).

Jenson reported walking through the door of the men’s bathroom during his Writing 101 class. Then he walked through another, similar door.

“If a bathroom door says ‘men,’ I walk through it. Simple as that,” Jenson explained. “But that philosophy can get you into some places you don’t necessarily want to be. Like a second bathroom.”

At first glance, Jenson claimed, the outside bathroom had all the usual fixtures of an innermost bathroom.

“I was just running through my usual checklist,” Jenson said. “Toilet, check. Sink, check. Then I see this male stick figure on a door, and I’m like, ‘What!? Isn’t that supposed to be outside?’”

Jenson was visibly shaken when he emerged from the second bathroom. Of course, nobody could verify that until he also emerged from the first bathroom.



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