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Woke king always asks for consent, just doesn’t take no for an answer

DURHAM, NC—The rise of the Me Too movement has inspired local feminist Charlie Nicholls to begin respectfully asking women for consent. And if the answer is no, he’ll simply make them change it to yes!

If he asks a girl to hang out and she replies that no, she’s too busy, he’ll just ask every other day until she feels obligated to spend time with him!

When they do hang out, if he tries kissing her and she tells him she doesn’t think she wants it, he’ll simply gaslight her into feeling bad enough to do it anyways! Because come on Olivia, he walked all the way across the quad and invested a whole two hours into hanging out with you. It seems unfair to leave him hanging!

It really is great that he always asks women for consent. We’ve come so far from the days of women being pressured into having sex. It’s fantastic that the Me Too movement has inspired men to take a genuine, altruistic interest in making sure they truly have a woman’s consent. What a relief that women can finally feel safe!



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