The Fluke News Staff

Editor in Chief:

Lisa Z.


my love language is connecting on linkedin <3

Editor in Chief:

Trinity W. W. W. W. W.


To the women before me: I’m sorry

Social Media Director:
Mal N.


has reoccurring nightmares about orange juice

Social Media Director:
Wyatt G.


my wu tang name was sad fool

Technical Director:
Kristie C.



if (name.equals("Kristie")){

      Funny = False;

      GoodWriter = False;

      GoodProgrammer = True;


Laura B.


this is just padding for my resume

Brooks F.


the ghost writer for Kanye West

Livia M.​


pov: you're my ti-84 plus

Staff Writer:
Nick B.



"I write jokes"

Staff Writer:

Winston Y.


9 out of 10 dentists recommend not smashing your face on the C1 floor.

Staff writer:

Tommy P.


Tommy P. could not be reached for comment at this time.

Staff Writer:

Avery G.


I was high school prom queen.

Staff Writer:

Ben K.


Doesn’t not have 8 toes

Staff Writer:

Sascha S.


I am cringe but I am free