The Fluke News Staff

Editor in Chief:

Lisa Z.


my own boyfriend left this club for bible study and he's not even christian

Editor in Chief:

Trinity W. W. W. W. W.


To the women before me: I’m sorry

Recruitment Chair:

Jordan S.


Jordan Shapiro is a man of many words.

Twitter Chair:

Wyatt G.


my wu tang name was sad fool

Senior Editor:

Mihir B.


Mihir Bellamkonda would like to take this opportunity to vigorously deny the allegations of romantic involvement between him and the magnolia tree behind Pegram dorm.

Recruitment Chair:

Nick B.


"I write jokes"

Social Chair:

Sara B.


biiiiiiiiig slack gal

Staff Writer:

Winston Y.


9 out of 10 dentists recommend not smashing your face on the C1 floor.

Article Launch, Instagram Chair Tommy P.


Tommy P. could not be reached for comment at this time.

Senior Editor:

Jordan D.


Eruditio et despacito

Staff Writer:

Dylan H.


Just a Henry VII looking for my Ross from Seinfeld.

Staff Writer:

Mal N.


has reoccurring nightmares about orange juice

Staff Writer:

Akshaj T.


for the website