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In effort to evade Raiders’ roster, Davante Adams accepts jail time

LAS VEGAS, NV—Two weeks after shoving a cameraman to the ground at the end of a bitter last-second loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Davante Adams has announced that he will be accepting a three-month prison sentence and stepping away from the Raiders’ roster. The decision comes as a shock to his teammates, coaching staff, and the judge managing his misdemeanor assault charge.

“The plaintiff has not requested that Mr. Adams spend time in jail,” said Judge Susan Walker, who expected Adams to negotiate a settlement outside of court. “However, Mr. Adams was so eager to be in prison that he seemingly sabotaged his own reputation in trial. When I asked him to apologize for his actions, he said ‘I’m sorry, Aaron, I should’ve stayed.’”

“After I heard about his prison sentence, I couldn’t believe it,” said first-year Raiders Head Coach Josh McDaniels. “I called him and said we could appeal the ruling, but,... well, actually, I don’t think he’s received my voicemail yet.”

Adams could not respond to McDaniels’s call, as he was busy getting advice from Henry Ruggs III.



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