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Student suggests that Duke needs to score more points than UNC does

DURHAM, NC—Duke senior Jake Lopez, who has been a Duke fan since “before I was born” has a radical theory on how Duke can win. According to Lopez, the key to winning the big game is to score more points than UNC does.

“I’m telling you, the only way we’ll win this game is if we score more than UNC does,” he explains.

The self-proclaimed basketball-observation expert says he came up with the strategy after seeing what Duke Basketball did well at its recent game against Louisville. “We were losing by 23, but towards the end of the game Duke actually started scoring more points than Louisville,” he says.

“We need to make baskets. Get the ball into the hoop,” Lopez continues. “Not only that though, we also need to stop UNC from making baskets. We’ll need to run some good plays, and make sure we score those points. That’s all there is to it.”

Lopez also has some suggestions on how Duke students can burn benches as celebration more efficiently: “light them on fire.”



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