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Tre Jones out indefinitely for Duke men's basketball after head in the game but heart in the song

Jones sings during rehearsal

CAMERON STADIUM—Starting point guard Tre Jones may be unable to play with the Blue Devils for the rest of the season after revealing that his head is in the game but his heart is in the song.

Breaking out into chorus during a rehearsal, Jones questioned why he is feeling so wrong when she makes it feel so right. Sources report that Jones seemed distracted throughout the practice, but can carry a melody surprisingly well.

The development follows Jones’ signing up for the school musical with transfer student Gabriella Montez. The Apple Valley, Minn. native, who has been a major point scorer for the Blue Devils, has never expressed any prior interest in the Theater Studies department.

Even if Jones manages to get his head in the game soon, Coach K has expressed some concern because the famed UNC game is scheduled for the same day as callbacks for the school musical.



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