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Adorable: White liberal thinks voting out Trump will end racism

DURHAM, NC—In a moment guaranteed to make you say “awwww”, local white liberal Paul James recently voiced some groundbreaking advice for ending racism: remove Trump from office.

The self-proclaimed activist can often be seen posting original thoughts such as “Trump is ruining America,” and making sure to mock the “covfefe in chief”. He has adamantly used his platform to speak out about the “return of racism” that took place after Trump took office, because Black people clearly had it better under Obama. All of this police brutality and generational poverty can be blamed on Trump, because obviously James and other white liberals, can’t possibly be part of the problem.

“I just think Trump is the root of all the racism we see in America right now,” James expressed when asked about his thoughts on recent events in Minnesota, despite Minnesota being a Blue state.

However, the Obama voter later clarified that while he supported Black Lives Matter, he strongly disagreed with the rioting. He defended this stance with a series of MLK quotes that advocated for non-violence, blatantly ignoring those that denounced white moderates who are more devoted to order than justice.

The bleeding heart liberal also believes that the best way to help the Black community fight institutional racism is by voting Trump out in November, which will be easy for him, a white man who isn’t affected by voter suppression.

In other news, James also believes that once Trump is out of office, America will regain its moral high ground and once again spread democracy across the world, as long as “the world” doesn’t include places like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, the Philippines, Cuba, Mexico, China, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Guam, Hawaii, Cambodia, Laos, Iran, Guatemala, Syria, Guyana, El Salvador, Libya, Greece, Italy, Costa Rica, Albania, Indonesia, Lebanon, Congo, Brazil, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Angola, Yemen, Chad, Egypt, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, and more.



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