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Asshole who thinks he’s better than you “respectfully disagrees”

ROOM 214, EAST DUKE—Junior and narcissistic egomaniac, Bryan Long, reportedly “respectfully disagrees” with the point you just made.

“I swear to god he’s always doing this. He just has to be the center of attention in class,” complained one classmate. “Why would anyone even care enough to argue in class?”

It should be noted that this event comes just weeks after a similar debacle in which Long attempted to “piggyback off that last comment.” This chain of events sent the small seminar class on its largest mood swing since finding out that while the midterm did have a mistake in it, they would not be receiving any points back.

Long, when asked to give his side of the story, explained that “just to play Devil’s advocate, what if I actually am better than everyone else in class?”

At press time, Long was seen raising his hand in recitation to ask, “what should I do when I’m done with the assignment?” What a piece of shit.



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