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Cesarean Society Protests Vaginal Births

DURHAM, N.C.—Duke’s Cesarean Society held their annual protest against vaginal births this past weekend. The student organization—primarily composed of celibate male students—made their statement about the medical harms of vaginal births.

“It’s just not natural. God didn’t intend for women to be loose after giving birth,” said Cesarean Society president Ethan Greene. (Pratt ‘26)

The Cesarean Society holds meetings on Friday evenings in Stag Pavillion to discuss the promotion of cesarean sections, or C-sections, as a way to preserve the sanctity of sex after birth. According to its club charter, the mission statement is “Rather than focusing on more mainstream and traditional reproductive rights issues, the Cesarean Society promotes open forum discussions about issues like the husband stitch and how to keep your woman tight. ”

The Cesarean Society’s protest was attended by all seven of its members in front of the Duke Medical Center. Protesters chanted in unison, “Hey hey, hoe hoe, loose vaginas have got to go!” holding up handmade signs. The society’s next initiative will focus on outreach into the STEM community, as members will hold webinars for CS majors that cover where babies come from and what women are.



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