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Ciceronian Society hosts re-education seminars following mandatory diversity training

DURHAM, N.C.—After a mandatory Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging training module, the Ciceronian Society has decided to host counter “re-education” seminars to protect the minds of Duke students.

Throughout the last two weeks, the Ciceronian Society has promised free food and swag giveaways to students that attended the seminars; however, details regarding the content of the seminars have been kept largely under wraps. 

A student who recently survived one of the seminars has come forward to describe the ordeal. He says that following the meal, participants were strapped to chairs and their eyelids were held open as posts from the conservative social media app, Parler, were shown while Kanye West’s songs played in the background.

The Ciceronian Society released a statement defending the seminars and attacking Duke’s recent woke agenda. An anonymous spokesperson even commented, “With this woke propaganda, [Duke] is making it hard for me to even crack a joke without being canceled.”

Following the success of the seminars, the Ciceronian Society recently announced their own training module: Homogeny, Exclusion, and Estrangement.



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