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Duke Curling Achieves Perfect Perm

DURHAM, NC—The Duke Curling team achieved a perfect perm at their competition this past weekend, securing their win over Charlotte’s Elevate Salon Institute (ESI). The two teams were neck and neck throughout the tournament until ESI made a costly mistake.

“They just ran out of gossip to entertain their customer with which, of course, led to a five-point deduction,” recounts Charity Dresser. “Their blunder gave us an opening, so we had to strike while the iron was hot.”

Curling team captain, Jack Purell, shared his game-saving decision: “Even though they messed up, the comp was still pretty hairy. Now, perms are super risky—everyone knows that. But it had to be done to pull ahead.”

The judges awarded Purell’s decision with a perfect score, noting the lack of flyaways and “dedication to the phrase ‘bigger is always better.’”

Next week, the Curling team will face off against the New Beginning College of Cosmetology from Birmingham, AL at Regionals: “We just have to do better than a mullet.”



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