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Duke student celebrates Thanksgiving in style with two papers and a take-home exam

CHARLOTTE, NC—As his family prepares the Thanksgiving meal together, laughing and bonding, Sophomore Nathan Richards enjoys his break by watching Khan Academy videos alone in his room, thankful for how much Duke values education.

Instead of spending precious quality time with his family, Richards will be busy having fun computing Jacobian matrices, writing a ten-page research paper on the rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire, and analyzing the theme of memory throughout William Faulkner’s works.

“Learning comes first,” Nathan remarked, “Education takes priority over family, friends, health, and even my own free will. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly want to interact with other humans and nature when they could be staring at a screen and solving artificial problems for hours and hours of joyous fun.”

Richards, like all Duke students, understands that learning never ends. It just keeps going and going because it never stops. It cannot stop. You cannot stop. Don’t even think about it. Go. Don’t rest. Go. You cannot rest. Go. Keep moving forward. Go. Run. You cannot quit. Go. Keep moving forward! Go! Learning never ends!



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