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For man with erectile dysfunction, it’s always a no bones day

DURHAM, NC—Johnny Crow (T ‘23) has a hard time getting his Johnny up. No matter how many gas station pills he uses, everyday is no bones day for Johnny. The only tenting this man will get is in K-Ville.

For context, “no bones” or “bones” day is a meme created from the TikTok of Noodle the pug. If Noodle the pug decides to stand, it’s bones day. If Noodle decides to stay laying down, it’s no bones day.

For the 18% of men with erectile dysfunction in the US alone, it’s always no bones day.

When asking Johnny for comment, he responded, “How did you get in here? I’m in the shower. GET OUT!”

The Fluke News decided to take to the streets to find out what has been dubbed “Bonesgate." We asked men about their sexual prowess.

One contributor added: “Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s drive thru”



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