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Girl puts “Be kind” in her Instagram bio, gets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

DURHAM, NC—In a stunning act of courage, local self-described activist Megan Smith has added the phrase “Be kind” to her bio.

This has made waves in the Duke community. Once the Nobel Prize committee saw, she was immediately chosen for consideration among other great world-changers like Greta Thunberg.

“The moment I read her bio, my life was changed forever,” said one of Megan’s followers. “I just realized, like, it’s so much better to be nice to everyone,” she continued, first pausing to roll her eyes at a girl walking by in Crocs.

“You just never know what people are going through,” explains Megan. “That’s why I want to remind my 643 followers to always ‘be kind’. Would I compare myself to other Nobel Prize winners like Nelson Mandela? Of course not. Malala Yousafzai, on the other hand…”

From now on, Megan’s Instagram page, which also features pictures of her dressed in a Native American headdress for Halloween, will forever remain the standard for kindness and the voice of reason.



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