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Heartbreaking: C1X stuck behind normal C1

DURHAM, NC—In a shocking turn of events, this morning’s C1X, or C1 Express, somehow ended up behind the C1 and was forced to make nearly every single stop.

Students expressed dismay at the phenomenon. “I got on the C1X to go straight from West Campus to East, and now I will have to wait as the C1 stops every minute along Campus Drive,” Junior Alyssa May explained. “This is a tragic day for Duke University.”

Pandemonium ensued as the confused bus riders were at a loss as to what to do. “Honestly, we don’t know.” said a senior official in university administration. “I mean, how do you plan for this sort of thing? You don’t. No one could’ve seen this coming.”

Until the issue is resolved, students are advised to walk from East to West Campus.



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