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Kanye spotted running away from WU with AirDrop open

DUKE UNIVERSITY—On Saturday, there was a commotion in the Broadhead Center after an unknown menace airdropped hate speech to unsuspecting students. On an unrelated note, multiple students reported seeing Ye, donning his signature Confederate flag jacket and a White Lives Matter hoodie, jogging quickly along the BC Plaza while glancing around frantically.

“He was clearly in a hurry,” sophomore Alice Huffmore noticed, “it seemed like he was running away from something. He was mumbling to himself too. Something about ‘the Cabal’ and a ‘globalist PsyOp,’ whatever that means.”

Mike G. Wyatt, also present at the time, reported seeing the rapper-designer anxiously checking his phone:

“His eyes were glued to the screen. He was on some red and white app that I’ve never seen before. He almost knocked down another student while running. He yelled at them—I think he called them a ‘socialist crisis actor.’ It was really weird.”

An anonymous witness reported that Ye was spotted getting into an all-white, military-grade Hummer with a custom “KKKardashian Luvr” license plate parked in the BC lot.



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