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“Like Trump all over again:” After Chase Barclay loss, campus Gingers scared for the future

DURHAM, N.C.—In politics, there are always disappointments. While the dust is still settling from the recent DSG elections, a major group on campus has already voiced their displeasure.

“We feel like we’ve been failed by the system,” said Malcolm O’Shaughnessy, the president of the Ginger Student Union (GSU). “All our hopes were riding on one outcome, but now, I just don’t see a way forward.”

O’Shaughnessy argues that the redheads of Duke have specific challenges that are not being addressed by the current DSG administration. “Take the big windows at WU—I should be able to get a Charged Lemonade at Panera without getting a sunburn!”

Moving forward, O’Shaughnessy and other campus gingers report a sense of disillusionment that feels all too familiar.

“After the 2020 election, at least I could find solace in those hilarious SNL skits,”said Fiona MacDonald, Director of Outreach of the GSU “It's like Trump all over again. But this time, the Orange Man was the one I wanted.”



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