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Local landfill now filled with discarded signs from climate strike

LITERALLY EVERYWHERE, EARTH—Last week, Anna Li, who can’t go a second without making everything about herself, excitedly went out and bought posters with her friends to make some cute signs for the climate strike.

After taking pictures while a well-intentioned speaker explained our urgent need to reduce waste and our carbon footprints, she and her friends all threw out their posters, many of which were shipped overseas from factories with high carbon emissions.

Thankfully, her blatant disregard for the goal of the strike was inconsequential to her Instagram followers. She was later championed online as all of her friends complimented her clever sign and commented on how proud they were that she stood up for what she truly believed in.

Meanwhile, her sign will continue to sit in a landfill, where it will soon be joined by her next poster— this one has glitter!



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