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Missing Tandoor? These recipes will make you feel just as ethnic, but still safe

For fellow students living off campus, missing out on exotic but comfortable food from West Union is one of the biggest challenges. If you’re missing Tandoor like I am, check out these ethnic but safe recipes:

Rice and beans

These rice and beans are exactly what they sound like: rice and beans. This meal has everything you’re looking for in an ethnic meal: it has rice and it has beans. This dish is a perfect base for any spices that you like such as salt and pepper. Go crazy!

Servings: 1

Ingredients: minute rice, can of refried beans

2 minute prep time, 2 minute cook time

Place Minute Microwavable Ready to Serve cup of rice in the microwave, and cook for one minute

Open can of refried beans, and place on top of rice

Heat for another minute, and allow to cool


Vegan pad thai

This Vegan pad thai has none of the ingredients that you would typically find in a pad thai, but has all of the authentic pad thai taste! I went to Thailand once, so I would know.


Ingredients: rice noodles, vegetable oil, tofu, soy sauce, vinegar, maple syrup, lime juice, hot sauce, carrots, green onions, lime, cilantro, peanuts, bean sprouts

10 minute prep time, 20 minute cook time

Slice carrots, chop onions, cilantro, and peanuts

Cook noodles by boiling for one minute, drain and rinse,

Mix all sauce ingredients in a small bowl

Fry the tofu in oil over medium heat until all sides are golden brown

Add noodles, sauce, and vegetables to pan with tofu

Sprinkle with peanuts and serve immediately


Egg rolls

If you’re looking for that dish no one else knows about, look no further than the egg roll. A deep-fried Asian burrito of sorts, the egg roll is one of those secret menu items at Chinese restaurants. Order them to surprise your friends with your cultural knowledge, or make them at home with this simple recipe!

Servings: 2

Ingredients: Frozen Spring rolls from PF. Chang’s

2 minute prep time, 14 minute cook time

Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit

Remove egg rolls from carton and inner wrapper

Place on baking sheet 1 in ch apart

Heat for 14 minutes until crispy and golden brown

Allow to cool for one minute


Beef taco hot pocket

It’s almost impossible to find truly authentic Latin American food, so this hot pocket comes as a pleasant surprise for those of us who are well acquainted with ethnic cultures. It encapsulates so many ethnic flavors, like cumin and the other ones.

Servings: 1

Ingredients: Beef taco hot pocket

2 minute prep time, 3 minutes cook time

Unwrap the hot pocket, insert it into the crisping sleeve, and place on a paper plate

Heat sandwich for 2 minutes and 15 seconds

Allow to cool for two minutes




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