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New book “Literacy for Illiterates” struggles to sell

DURHAM, NC—Unfortunately for author Dylan Donovan, his new self-help book, Literacy for Illiterates, has struggled in book stores following its release.

To many, however, his latest commercial failure doesn’t come as a surprise. In the wake of several lawsuits arising from his books Archery with Glaucoma and The 6-Minute Open Heart Surgery, Donovan’s popularity amongst the self-improvement community has declined in recent years.

When asked about his new release, Donovan said, “I just want to let those who can’t read know that there are resources out there for learning. We’re thinking of switching to pamphlets and creating a website entirely in plain-text as well.”

While Donovan is disappointed in the book’s commercial failure, he has assured his audience that he is still on track to release his next book, Dating for League Players.



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