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Op-ed: I won’t vote until we can ALL vote

Frankly, I’m appalled by the levels of voter suppression here in North Carolina. The gerrymandering, the ID laws, and the intricacies of mail-in voting all work to silence the voices of minorities. That’s why, in solidarity with these silenced groups, I’ve decided not to vote until everyone can vote.

That’ll show those big-shot politicians who’s boss. I can’t imagine how devastated Thom Tillis will be when he realizes my radical leftist vote won’t count for anything. I don’t want to scare him too much, but if me and my left-leaning friends don’t vote and he is continually elected into office, he might worry about the fairness of the Senate seat he keeps winning. I know that’ll eat him up inside, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

There is power in silence. Just like Ghandi, I will use my silence to disrupt the system.My protest will finally put an end to the suppression of minority voices.

To those who can’t vote: I hear you. I see you. I stand with you. I won’t vote until you can vote too.



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