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Professor shares totally appropriate anecdote about his marriage

DURHAM, N.C.—As cuffing season ramps up, many students are looking for hope and advice in the relationship sphere. Thankfully, professors are here to provide anecdotes about their own (very successful) relationships. 

Matthew Bear (T’26), says he mentioned his parents’ divorce to his Statistics professor, John Vannoy, and was met with life-changing relationship advice. “He told me that the only reason he and his wife are still together is because his wife threatens divorce so frequently.” Bear walked away with a renewed belief in the longevity of true love and went on to pursue a doomed situationship. “By promising to define our relationship sometime in the future, I can ensure that it never happens. Thanks, Dr. Vannoy!” 

Dr. Vannoy’s reach goes beyond undergraduate students. One of his graduate students, Kimothy Smythe, was also inspired by Dr. Vannoy’s personal anecdotes. “He told us about his wife, who is 15 years younger than him and started as his sugar baby. As his wealth grew, so did their love. They fell in love with each others’ entrepreneurial spirit.” Smythe has since managed to fund her final 2 years of graduate school. “I’ve always been a fan of double-tasking. Now I can get educated and find love!” 

Dr. Vannoy refused to comment, saying that he “doesn’t like to share about his personal life,” but is rumored to be leaving Duke next semester to dedicate more time to his relationship advice podcast.



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