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Student who took out second loan ecstatic to crank Duke Arts boxes that play fifteen seconds of music

DURHAM, N.C.—Starting last week, Duke students walking along the Bryan Center Plaza were greeted by large magenta Duke Arts boxes that encourage students to crank a lever and churn out less than a minute of music. From the perspective of Duke Arts, the boxes present an opportunity for students to enjoy a peaceful break on BC Plaza amidst the stress of school. 

“We just had to ask ourselves, what do students really need,” said Jacqueline Indabocks, an associate dean of Duke Arts. ”There was a lot of brainstorming, a lot of meaningful dialogues, and many diverse inputs. We came to a consensus that students need to touch this germ-ridden box and sprinkle a little joy in their lives.”

According to a receipt Indabocks tried shoving in their mouth, each box cost around $50,000. 

Sam Fisher (Trinity ‘24) was delighted to see the Duke Arts boxes. “I’ve been having kind of a hard time, so this cheered me up. I’m really passionate about studying music, and it’s been financially difficult for me and my family, so I had to take out another loan. The financial aid office said they couldn’t help me, but I’m glad to see that Duke can invest in music in other ways.”

When asked about the financial concerns of Fisher and other students, Indabocks had a suggestion about remedying their financial woes. “We see these boxes as a chance for art students to pursue their first career by donning a silly little outfit and dancing whenever the music plays. Students could rake in $8 an hour on busy days. Not bad for an art degree!”



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