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Adorable! Local boy thinks he discovered BROCKHAMPTON

DURHAM, NC—Aaron Hartung has been spotted at several parties asking girls if they know BROCKHAMPTON. Upon being told that yes, they do know BROCKHAMPTON, Aaron’s face immediately reddened as he defensively asked which their favorite album is.

“Mine is probably SATURATION. I guess I just like their older stuff. The classics. I’ve been listening to them for so long, you know? Really, I’ve known them for so long,” he clarifies.

“Oh, I like the new album a lot,” one girl named Emma responds.

“Is that all you know? The new album?” Aaron asks, blissfully unaware of the fact that Emma has known them far longer than him.

When asked if he likes any of their solo music, like Fangs or Empty, he replies: “Wait, who are Kevin Abstract and Matt Champion? I just like that guy Brock.”



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