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Asian mom breaks silence on anti-black racism: "You know I had it hard too, right?"

BAY AREA, CA—The recent protests on police brutality and anti-black racism have sparked many discussions in households across the country. In one particular Asian-American home, one brave Asian mom has spoken out, letting her kids know that, “Hey, black people aren’t the only ones who had it rough”.

Ms. Li Xiu Ying, who can’t comprehend that multiple racial groups can be oppressed, has taken this unique opportunity to compare her personal struggles with that of the entire black population. Her complete disregard for the generational poverty, prison industrial complex, and other obstacles that black people face, is evident through her claim that “Asian people just work harder”, inciting the fifth argument about the model minority myth that week.

“What’s so bad about the model minority myth? I do work hard. I’m glad someone realizes that,” Ms. Li asserts about the framework that doesn’t actually acknowledge that she works hard but instead treats Asian Americans as a monolith of obedient workers who can be taken advantage of in order to help white people advance.

“And how bad can racism really be? I heard my company was trying to hire a black employee, you know they need way less qualifications to get a job,” she adds about the job that will never promote her because she is perceived as too polite and deferential to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, as Asians are judged a higher standard than white people in nearly all application processes despite having it harder in this country, Ms. Li continuously complains about all the favors that black and brown people receive while our higher education, sought-after jobs, and political leadership are all filled with white people.

Admittedly, it is true that she has worked unbelievably hard to come from a poor village in China to her respectable job in the U.S., where she desperately plays into the inherently racist system that will never let her advance farther but instead, will exploit her “success” to claim its racial tolerance and equality. So why don’t black people just do the same?



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