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“Being a cat for Halloween is so basic,” complains boy wearing jersey for 4th consecutive year

DURHAM, NC—Local fraternity member Chad Holt bravely spoke out against a popular girl’s Halloween costume: being a cat.

“It’s just that everyone does it, you know? It feels like every single girl is wearing cat ears and black booty shorts,” Chad complained. Behind him, his friends, all wearing Duke basketball jerseys, nodded in agreement.

“And it just seems kind of lazy. Like they don’t want to put real effort into a costume so they just throw on something black and wear a pair of cat ears,” added Holt, who got ready for the party by throwing his 5-year-old jersey over what he had already been wearing all day.

“And honestly I feel like girls who choose to be a cat just do it to dress slutty and get guys,” observed Holt, whose Lakers jersey is still stained with vomit from AEPi’s Halloweekend rager two years ago.

When reached for further comment, he was busy hitting on a group of girls dressed as cats.



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