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Breaking: Duke Outing club releases list of LGBTQ students

AL BUEHLER TRAIL, NC—This week, Gina Smith (T ’23), an avid hiking enthusiast, was shocked to discover that the Duke Outing club was not in fact a gathering of students passionate about the outdoors after attending the first meeting.

“I was so confused,” said Smith. “They marketed the club as students who wanted to participate in more Outings around campus. I assumed that meant going on hikes and nature walks and stuff. When I got to the first meeting, they just asked me if I knew anyone that was secretly gay.”

I signed up for their listserv, hoping people would be organizing trips to Eno or the mountains or something,” said Juliana Rowe (T '25). But when I got the first email, it was just a list of initials. Anyways, I really want them to like me. They warned me not to come back empty-handed. Do you guys know anyone who is secretly gay?”



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