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Breaking: My colorblind lab partner messed up our titration

DURHAM, NC - While many Duke students arrive on campus in search of romantic chemistry, other students, especially those who identify themselves under the sexuality umbrella of “premed,” are more intrigued by the science of alcohols and concentrations. It was in such an interaction that I learned one of my dearest friends, Eli Page (Pratt ‘25), had convinced himself he's colorblind in order to actually have a fun fact to share during O-week. As my lab partner, it was shocking to me to experience the actions of a pick-me colorblind engineer and how his need to be quirky ultimately wrecked my hopes of being a doctor.

Lab started out horribly as usual—my roommate used my pre-lab as a tampon and I was also told that wearing leggings was not appropriate. Honestly, leave it to Orgo lab TAs to bring back misogyny in full force. I, too, as a woman in STEM, miss the days in which women were not allowed in higher education.

Anyways, halfway through the lab, after breaking three flasks and taking a shot of hydrochloric acid, it became clear that something was off. I kept asking Eli to check whether the color of the base had changed. As he avoided the question for the 15th time, I decided it was time to hold him at gunpoint, to which he said, “This is probably a good time to tell you I’m colorblind.” I proceeded to light him on fire with a Bunsen Burner.

I’m in jail now and doing well. The Yik yaks are good.



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