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Diversity win: these random roommates are from different parts of the DMV area

DMV AREA— In a striking example of Duke’s random roommate policy succeeding in increasing the social diversity of the University, James Anderson '23 of Northern Virginia and Cameron Wilson '23 of Washington D.C. come from completely different backgrounds. Um, can you say diversity win?

"I was a little worried at first, because we come from such different lifestyles. Cameron played lacrosse in high school and I was on the tennis team, and his dad is in Corporate Law and mine is in Entertainment,” Anderson said. “But I think those differences will ultimately allow us to grow.”

Wilson expressed similar sentiments, adding that “sharing stories about the different places where we’ve summered will make us more worldly people.”

Is Duke’s random roommate policy for incoming freshmen the most successful ever? Apparently!

Dozens more incoming freshman from Long Island expressed excitement as they found out their roommates were from a different county than themselves.



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