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Duke baseball players somehow still coming up on Bumble

MY HOMETOWN, IL—While at Duke, I was shocked by how often one of the baseball players would come up on Bumble. Every other swipe was a baseball player!

I thought that coming back to my hometown would give me a new set of options. However, I was shocked to see that somehow, they are still coming up.

How is it that I can set my preferences to male and female but only get two options: Duke baseball player and, rarely, literally anyone else? Why do these guys have the same profile pictures? Did they take these specifically for Bumble? Are they trying to monopolize the app? Are they succeeding? Do they multiply every time I swipe left, like a hydra? Should I just give in?

The good news is that, along with the baseball players, all 2 of the Duke girls who were on Bumble have also showed up.



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