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Heartwarming: East Campus pickleball player discovers a second hobby

DURHAM, N.C.— Anyone who has walked by Duke East Campus tennis courts literally one time ever knows that they are used for one thing and one thing only: middle-aged tennis, also known as pickleball. This epidemic has spread steadily through families and generations to reach life-threateningly high levels of presentation among Duke’s freshman class. Luckily for us all, one brave soul has broken free from the mold.

“I just want to branch out and take advantage of everything that Duke has to offer,” says Braxton Pendleton, Pratt ‘27. “There’s too many unique things to explore for me to stick with the same hobbies I did at home in Connecticut.”

“Pickleball was fun at first,” said Pendleton, “but I can’t wait to really develop a personality now that I’ve found the Gilbert Addoms ping pong table.”



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