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Duke cuts funding for groundbreaking AI research because “that’s like some Black Mirror shit”

DURHAM, NC—Despite promising results, potentially groundbreaking research in the use of AI for curing genetic diseases in homeless orphans was canned by the Duke administration because “it was definitely giving off Black Mirror vibes”.

According to President Price, “We have to like, think about ethics and shit. What if it like, became sentient and killed us all. I don’t know if you’ve watched Black Mirror at all, it’s kinda a niche show so you probably haven’t, but it really shows you that technology can be like, bad you know?”

Researchers in the computer science department said that Price, along with a number of other administrators, walked into their lab and shouted “STOP. THIS ISN’T WHAT ELON WOULD WANT!”

While this may seem like a setback in the scientific world, Price assured us that Duke’s research into the use of CRISPR for resurrecting the dinosaurs is making steady progress.



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