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Duke to remake “The Last Dance” featuring 10 hours of Coach K ballroom dancing

CAMERON INDOOR STADIUM—If we had to guess, you probably watched ESPN’s docuseries on Michael Jordan’s last season, “The Last Dance.” Well, you weren’t the only ones. Duke President and lover of basketball-related money, Vincent Price announced on Sunday that the university will produce its own version of the documentary, with ten hour-long episodes of Coach K continuously ballroom dancing.

The Duke President didn’t go into much more detail about the docuseries, other than that it would feature waltzes, a few tangos, and at least one minuet between Coach K and Tre Jones. He was also sure to note that this decision wasn’t due to Coach K making six times Price’s annual salary.

Viewers expecting to be wowed by unaired footage as in the original “The Last Dance” will be excited to see that episodes 8-10 feature never-before-seen video of Coach K repeatedly attempting a cross-body lead before falling to the ground in failure as Tre Jones looks ruefully on.



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